Tips for Organisers


The Oompah Band brings PA, mics and lighting and only needs a mains power socket, 4 chairs and some beer!


The Oompah Band needs sufficient space to set up (5m x 3m).


For Bierfests and German themed evenings encourage guests to wear Bavarian style outfits.


Most successful evenings include German style food and drink.


The Oompah Band provides 2 x 50 minute sets of entertainment including Dancing, Singing, Games and Competitions.

Herr Lipp

Alias Cliff Wybrow has mastered the art of playing very high notes on the Clarinet without the aid of a safety net. He is the band choreographer and calls all the tunes - but not necessarily in the right order!  He leads the singing in the Bavarian Drinking Song and keeps the guests busy with funny things to do.





Fraulein Karoline

Aka Caroline Mitchell is really a virtuoso violinist who just happens to enjoy playing the squeeze box. She is the perfect playing partner for the boys; charming, witty, struggles to finish a half of cider and is a great cook!





Heimi Winklestroker

Alias Paul Shepherd plays the tuba and is the band’s very own bier expert. He can tell a Pils from a Weitzen at ten paces and is always first to sample a brew, then another.... and another..... before recommending one to his colleagues. 





Johnny Hornmeister

Aka John Jermy plays the trumpet and tells the best jokes - well, that's what he thinks!   He can produce a Top F with little encouragement and some say he might even be Herb Alpert's love child!